Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Following

Now a days, everyone is creating a blog.  There are so many out there with great ideas and money saving posts.  How do you read and follow all of them?  If you have a google email (gmail) account, it is quite easy.  Log into your account.  At the top left of your email page, you will see several options (calendar, documents, etc) 

You are looking for "Reader".  If you don't see it at the top, choose "more" and find "Reader" under the drop down selection.  

In Reader, find "Add Subscription" on the upper left.  You can type in blog names (crafty 2 and a half girls) or blog URL's (

 Google will add the subscription you entered and you can see all your blog subscriptions listed on the lower left.  I have listed some blogs I follow on the right side of my blog.
Each time you log into Google Reader, it will show which subscriptions have new posts.  An easy and quick way to follow all your favorite blogs

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