Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Following

Now a days, everyone is creating a blog.  There are so many out there with great ideas and money saving posts.  How do you read and follow all of them?  If you have a google email (gmail) account, it is quite easy.  Log into your account.  At the top left of your email page, you will see several options (calendar, documents, etc) 

You are looking for "Reader".  If you don't see it at the top, choose "more" and find "Reader" under the drop down selection.  

In Reader, find "Add Subscription" on the upper left.  You can type in blog names (crafty 2 and a half girls) or blog URL's (

 Google will add the subscription you entered and you can see all your blog subscriptions listed on the lower left.  I have listed some blogs I follow on the right side of my blog.
Each time you log into Google Reader, it will show which subscriptions have new posts.  An easy and quick way to follow all your favorite blogs

Magnetic Menus

When I do my grocery shopping, I try to shop for about two weeks worth of dinners.  This allows for better budgeting, ease of planning and a more sane mommy!  To keep track of the meals I planned, I created a magnetic menu that adapted from The Amazing Mess.
Just take paint chips, and write the days of the week and menu items on them.  I used magnets from business that we either frequent or were given to us.   Most people have them on their fridge but don't really use them for their information.  I cut the magnets into 1/4 inch strips the length of the paint chip.  Using white glue, glue the magnet to the back of the paint chip.  Let dry and organize on your fridge.  You can see how they are aligned on our fridge for two weeks worth of meals.  (Make sure your husband understands it is not lunch and dinner for two weeks- only dinners!)

Paint Chip crafts

Who would have guessed that the free paint chips at your local home improvement store would result in great crafts and projects?
At I Can Teach My Child, she used paint chips to create a fan to help teach her child his colors.  I worked with that idea and made a paint chip key ring for my daughter to use to learn her colors and match them with colors in books we read.  Lowe's Home Improvement Valspar paint has one color paint chip squares that are perfect for this.  We picked out chips that corresponded to the colors of the rainbow as well as grey, black and brown.  Punch a hole in the center of the bottom and thread them on a keychain.  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rag Quilt and Rag Quilt Letters and Numbers

On my wish list of crafts to make is a rag quilt.  Thanks to my sister finding this idea, I can now start with a smaller version of a rag quilt by making letters and numbers using the same techniques.  
In a line
I would love to be able to make a "Happy Birthday" banner with the letters for my upcoming daughter's birthday.  If you have some time, try it out!  Post a comment and pictures if you are successful at the rag quilt or rag quilt letters!
The steps to making the rag quilt letters and numbers can be found at Oh So Happy Together.
If you have more time, try making this full rag quilt at I Can Teach My Child.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Craftiness Reborn

Since having my second daughter, I have not had much time or thought devoted to creativity.  With the holidays completed and the assistance of my family, creativity has been reborn!  I have subscribed to various blogs with a tremendous amount of ideas that I have completed and that have helped spurn my recent bout of craftiness.  
Here are a few ideas/ projects that I have completed:
Added felt flowers to plain Christmas stockings that were on the Christmas clearance 
Apron and Chef hat for my daughter's birthday.  Used a McCalls pattern and clearance fabric about $2 a yard.

Made matching fleece owl hats for the girls.  (another McCall's pattern and remnant fabric)

Valentine's Day decorations

You can find the instructions for the sweetheart frame at My Creative Departure

Instructions for the tissue paper balls can be found at The Idea Room

You can find the instruction to make this sign at The Idea Room blog

Still learning, editing and creating...

I literally just created and began blogging within the last hour.  (Nap time is a precious time!)  Please overlook the boring format for now.  When time allows, I will be able to create a much nicer looking blog.