Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singed flower headband

I have seen these flowers all over and have been dying to make one.  Finally came up with an excuse to make one!  I made a headband and singed flower to go on the headband for my daughter's birthday.
Its not hard!  Slightly intimidating since you are "playing" with fire!
1) Find polysatin fabric and cut it in imperfect circles.  You will need about 8-15 circles varying in size.
2) Find a candle that sits in a shallow candle holder.  Light the candle
3) Hold the fabric edge of the circle close to the flame.  You will see the fabric melt and curl some.
4) Keep turning the fabric edge above the flame until the entire edge is melted and curled up.  If you have the flame heat the fabric further into the circle it will cause the fabric to curl more creating a nice dimension

5) Cover a plastic headband with ribbon- use a low temp glue gun.

6) Use a low temp glue gun to glue each fabric circle on top of each other.  Begin with the largest on bottom and work up to the smallest on top.  As you glue, you can manipulate the fabric to so that it gathers some in the center where the glue is causing the flower to have more dimension.

7) Glue the flower to the headband with a low temp glue gun.

(Note: some people like to add tulle in between some of the fabric layers.  I didn't have tulle on hand so I did not do it.)

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